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Cellular Memory
The Cellular Memory is the complete blueprint for your existence. It is the energetic expression of you as a holistic being. The labels "mind", "body" and "spirit" are artificial labels that exist to make it easier for you to comprehend your multidimensional existence on earth. Each point within your cellular memory contains all the information of the whole. This information is infinitely accessible to each and every cell of your body. If you magnify your cells down to your atoms, you would see that you are made up of subtle bundles of "info-energy." This info-energy is comprised of physical, mental and emotional data that comes from all of your life experiences, genetic heritage, and past generations. Nothing we experience escapes being imprinted into our Cellular Hologram in the form of a cell memory. What we commonly refer to as "The Cellular Memory" is the collective energy field generated by these individual cell memories. It operates behind the scenes of our subconscious mind.

Your Cellular Memory pre-disposes or, "programs" you to perceive and behave a certain way as thoughts and feelings are made manifest within your consciousness. To use the analogy of a computer, the holistic beingness is the hard disk, or storage disk. The Cellular Memory is the database on the storage disk. The files within the database are the cell memories. It can be stated that everything that has ever happened to us is recorded in the cells of our body similarly to files being stored within a computer. In this way, the Cellular Memory is a bio-computer that influences our relationships to everything and anything that is happening. It affects the way we perform routine tasks and how we react to stress and handle emotional challenges in our present circumstances. Stored within the Cellular Memory are all the conscious and unconscious patterns of behaviors. The unproductive patterns impair our ability to feel well, happy, healthy, attain our goals and fulfill our destiny.

How your Cellular Memory affects your health
By default, your body is built to support health, harmony and connection between all parts. So why do we get sick, develop a disease or illness that won't easily go away? If our bodies are meant to support vitality and healing then why doesn't it just happen right away?
Cellular Memory by nature contains both Positive Emotional Charge (PEC) and Negative Emotional Charge (NEC) that is constantly flowing and influencing our state of mind and body health. The PEC is our soul's
birthright, the light of an infant before exposure to experiences generating NEC. It can be described as an energy field of life force that is 
free flowing, expanding, peaceful, non-fearful, whole and alive beyond words.  

Unfortunately, sometimes NEC accumulates to such an extent that it affects our health. It can be described as an energy field of life force that is contracted; held as unprocessed traumatic experiences, negative beliefs about ourselves and others, suffocation, fear and any emotion that is a derivation of fear such as guilt, grief, shame, embarrassment, resentment, anger, etc.. We refer to the NEC's collective energy field as the Pain Body. When the NEC becomes disproportionably higher than the PEC, this leads to massive dysfunction in the human
body-mind system.

Repressing your emotions literally can cause disease!  Failure to find effective 
ways to express negative emotions causes you to 'stew in your own juices.' Day after day, this chronic immersion in negativity is what appears to produce harmful influences on health.

Energy Lift Sessions lift the vibration of your cells
higher than the Negative Emotional Charge,
which causes some of the NEC to dissipate.  
Your cells must release their stored negative charge.  
Healing Positive Emotional Charge Reiki energies
replace the Negative Emotional Charge.  
You are freed of the effects of NEC
and can move forward attracting life experiences you want! 
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